About Us

Bansal Bricks Company

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Why Choose
Bansal Bricks Company

Our most versatile and advanced machinery and rigorous quality control systems ensure that every product meets highest industry standards.
Our product catalogue features a wide selection of colors, textures, sizes, types and special shapes. Our product attributes as mentioned, sets us apart from the competition

  • High Density

    Custom manufacturer of high density ceramic & high-alumina bricks. Applications include aerospace, oilfield, industrial, electronic, medical & defense.

  • Low moisture level

    The point of using Low moisture level is that it has a more-or-less normal

  • Maintenance Free

    Brick is a material built to last, but it still calls for some maintenance. While some cases are better left for the professionals.

  • Bigger than ordinary bricks

    Good bricks should be uniform in shape. Edges of bricks should be sharp, straight and at a right angle.

  • Impeccable shape & size

    The bricks should have a uniform size with parallel sides and sharp straight edges. Whatever bricks are used for construction but the bricks should be regular and uniform in size.